Why haven’t I received the Deposit yet?


A withdrawal as “Success” or “Completed” does not particularly mean that the exchange has fully processed the transaction. In a better definition, this means that the transaction has been successfully posted on the Blockchain network. Once the transaction has been successfully listed on the Blockchain network, the time it takes for the blocks to be confirmed may vary due to the congestion of the type of coin. As a result, it is very normal for unexpected/unusual delays in processing your transaction. For more specific information check your TxID to follow the status on the Blockchain network

Status: Unconfirmed: This is beyond exchange’s control. The transaction has to be processed on the Blockchain for the block to fill up for confirmation

For BTC (Bitcoin) or BTC projects, your transactions should arrive by 1-10 confirmations depending on the value

For ETH (Ethereum) or Ether projects, your transactions should arrive after 30 block confirmations

If you have sent from another exchange and the TxID has not been generated, please contact the other stakeholder exchange for inquiry.

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