Anti-Virus and Trojan Guideline


There may be occasions where a link disguised as ΛΛΧ exchange advertising promotions via email. It may ask you to click on the promotional event and this type of scams will result security vulnerable
Anti-Virus and Trojan Guideline

It is highly recommended for you to check the computer once in a while by using your locally installed anti-virus software to check if there is any trojan or malware that may leave your network vulnerable

1. Open browser you are using ΛΛΧ without any plug-in extensions under security model to login ΛΛΧ website. Hence, verify the validity of coin addresses

-Chrome: New Incognito Window (CTRL + SHIFT + N)
-Firefox: New Private window (CTRL + SHIFT+ P)

2. When going through copy pasting the address of the deposit wallet or recipient, open ‘Notepad’ and test the consistency of the address for proofing

3. Another indicator is the ΛΛΧ mobile app, you can also test the consistency of the address between APP and the web browser,

If it is inconsistent, it is a strong indicator that your computer has been infected by a virus/trojan/malware

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