How do I setup my 2FA?


How to enable Google 2FA

1. Firstly login to ΛΛΧ website and in your profile please “enable” Google Authentication. A google authentication page will open
2. Install Google Authentication
3. Scan QR Code

Open the installed Google Authentication App in your mobile phone to create an account. Click “Scan QR” or “Manual Entry” ‘2FA 16 digit Key’ which displayed in ‘Enable Google Authentication page.

-account: Account name define by you on demand, such as ‘ΛΛΧ Account’
-Key: ‘2FA 16-digit key’ which displayed in ‘Enable Google Authentication’ page which will be scanned and recognized automatically or manual entry

4. Back up Key
It is recommended that you save the 16 digit manual key on a paper and store it in a very secure place. In case you have lost your phone or need to reset the 2FA verification, this key will provide ease to reset or make transactions in the meantime.

5.  Enable Google Authentication

-Key: Google 2FA 16 digit key is “Backup key” as step 4
-Login password: Login password which is used to login ΛΛΧ website
-2FA code: 6 digit number generated by your Google Authentication A installed at your mobile phone

How to disable Google 2FA

Please login to ΛΛΧ and enter your account profile

1. Please click “Disable” in Google Authentication Section.

2. Enter login credentials and Google Auth. then click “submit” to disable Google Auth

Tips for Google Auth

-If the binding of Google Auth has failed firstly make sure that you have it installed on your phone and the time between your platform and the computer logged into ΛΛΧ is synchronized.

-If you lost your phone and have to recover the Google Auth, you will need to re-download the app and scan QR or manual entry 2FA backup key which is kept by you.

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