How to verify my account?


Customers can now authenticate on both computer or mobile phone


For KYC Account Verification  on the computer webpage:


1.  Please log in to the AAX website:  and click on the avatar in the upper right corner of the platform._____2019-10-03___6.59.58.png

2. The page will display the KYC account certification, you can choose "personal account" or "business account" . After selecting personal account, you can follow the instructions to complete the authentication._____2019-10-03___7.00.17.png

3. Please select your country (such as China) with your valid ID document. The customer also needs to upload the positive and negative side of the valid ID card and the selfie photo._____2019-10-03___7.00.32.png

4. After uploading the picture, please fill in the correct personal information, which is consistent with the information on the ID card. You need to enter your last name, first name, ID number and ID address. Click the submit after completing the above steps_____2019-10-03___7.00.43.png

After the customer submits, the audit department will complete your certification within 24 hours.

For KYC Account Verification  on the AAX APP:

  1. First you need to have the mobile app downloaded, you can download the app by clicking the link below




  1. After creating your account via email or phone number, you need to verify your account before being able to trade.

          -Click on “Account” on the bottom right tab of the application

          -Click on “Identity Verification” to start the application


  1. If you do not have a Chinese local government ID, please select “Other Country or region”


4. Follow the screen instructions, please check the “privacy policy” and click “Next”


5. Fill in the personal information field and click “Next”


6. Please take a photo of your government id personal page by clicking on the picture frame and click “Next”


7. Fit your face on the screen and follow the screen instructions



8. Your application is correct and it will take up to 24 hours for the Compliance Department to verify your account.


9. When you have passed the verification your status will change and you will now be able to use our full services.





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